Sh. Dharam Singh, Convener

As per the guidelines of "National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)", the establishment of "Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)" is a mandatory requirement for all NAAC-accredited institutions. The IQAC of Govt. College Kheri Chopta, Hisar, since its inception (Since July 2018), has been consistently and actively involved in quality sustainability and quality enhancement activities. It is a participative cell of the College that works on evolving strategies to remove deficiencies and enhance quality, thus channelizing the efforts of the College towards achieving holistic academic excellence.


To develop systematic quality processes in the college for evolving, enhancing and sustaining excellence in its academic and administrative practices and to set benchmarks for their periodic evaluation.

• To develop a conscious, consistent and catalytic quality improvement system that encourages the pursuits of the staff and students of the college.
• To promote innovative practices to continually improve the effectiveness of the teaching-learning experiences of the staff and students.
• To strive to realize the mottoes of the college through the best possible implementation of the plans and policies of the University and the Government, pertaining to knowledge production and dissemination.
• To ensure a learner-centric environment equipped with the latest techniques and technologies of teaching, research and sharing knowledge.