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1 General Open Counseling for Admission 20/10/2022 View
2 General Recruitment 16/02/2021 View
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1 Teaching Answer Sheet for assessment Teet 20/10/2022 View
2 Teaching Committee updates 22/05/2022 View
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1 Students Admission Schedule 2023-24 16/06/2023 View
2 Students Practical Examination BA-1st Computer Science 28/04/2023 View
3 Students BC Scholarship 2022 20/10/2022 View
4 Students Talent Search Program 2022 20/10/2022 View
5 Students Earn While Learn Scheme 2022-23 25/09/2022 View
6 Students Mentor groups 05/06/2022 View
7 Students BCom 2nd & 3rd year class Schedule for regular teaching/ guidence during Covid-19 08/10/2020 View
8 Students BA 3rd year Schedule for regular teaching/guidance during Covid-19 08/10/2020 View
9 Students BA 2 Schedule for regular teaching/guidence during Covid-19 08/10/2020 View
10 Students Precautions to be taken by students in College during regular classes/guidance in Covid-19 08/10/2020 View
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1 Archives All the students of college are instructed to register themselves with this programme today itself 18/08/2020 View
2 Archives All the Assistant/ Associate Professor are directed to motivate students to participate and register in Harit Haryana Abhiyan 18/08/2020 View
3 Archives Online Admission for session 2020-21 will start soon.For latest news please check Higher Education Portal, Chandigarh( 06/08/2020 View